Jharkhand Board Class 8 English Notes Champion Women

Jharkhand Board Class 8 English Notes Champion Women 

Jharkhand Board Class 8

Jharkhand Board Class 8 English Notes Champion Wome

Answer the following question—

1.How have the indian Women  silenced their critics?
Ans-The Indian Women have set many examples of their determination and courage.They have set aside the life of compromise and sacrifice that they have expected lead and managed to silence their critics who have dared to question her skills and capabilities.

2.Which awards and how many titles has Sania Mirza won?
Ans-Sania Mirza have won a total of 41 WTA and ITF titles to her name.

3.What is unique about Saina Nehwal' sachievement?
Ans-Saina Nehwal was interested in Badminton when she won under 19 National Championship.She is the only player from India to achieve this feat.Sania the former works No 1 has won number of Championship such as BWF,Oiympics.She was the proud recipient of Arjuna Award.Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award and Padma Bhushan Award.

4.What is the highlight of Mary Kom's childhood?
Ans-Mary Kom was born in a poor family of rural Manipur.She grew up humble surroundings helping her parents with farm related chores going to school and learning athletics initially and later boxing simultaneously.

5.Who is the first Indian Women to win an Olympic medal?
Ans-P.V Sindhu is the first Indian Women to win an Olympic medal.

6.What is the biggest achievement of P.V Sindhu?
Ans-The biggest achievement of P.V Sindhu is that she become the youngest recipient of India Fourth highest civilian honour,the Padma shri and in 2016 Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratan Award.

7.List out the similarities between Sakshi Malik and Phogat sister.
Ans-Similarities between Sakshi Malik and the Phogat sister-(a)Both are wrestler,(b)Both belong to Haryana.(c)Both are trained the coaches.

8.What is Produnva? Which sport is it associated with?
Ans-Produnva is regarded as the difficult vault current performed in woman gymnastics.It is associated with Vault Gymnastics.

9.Describe the hardships faced by Deepa Malik?
Ans-At the age of 8 Deepa Malik got a paralytic shocks and at 26 she was diagnosed with a spinal tumour and had gone through a life threatening surgery.These are the hardship Deepa Malik had to face in life.

10.Which titles does Tania Sachdev held?
Ans-Tania Sachdev is a chess player.She has the distinction of holding the Women Grandmaster and International Master titles in chess.

11.Name the sports women who won gold medals at the CWG.
Ans-Anjali Bhagwat,shooter and Dipika Pallikal squash player are the sport women who won gold medals at the CWG.

12.What makes Anjali Bhagwat a celebrated shooter?
Ans-in the 2003 Afro Asian Games Anjali Bhagwat created history by becoming the first Indian Women  shooter to get gold and a silver medal in the sport 3P and Air Rifle events respectively.The makes Anjali Bhagwat a celebrate shooter.

13.Why is P.T Usha known as the golden girl?
Ans-P.T Usha was fondly called the "Payyoli Express" and the golden girl because of her awesome speed on the track.

14.Name the famous sports women of Jharkhand.
Ans-The famous sports women of Jharkhand are the following—purnima Matho,Deepika Kumari,Premlata Agarwal,Sumrai Tete Nikki Pradhan,Kaanti Baa,Masira Surin,and many more.

Jharkhand Board Class 8 English Notes Champion Wome

Write the names of sports women in given space by reading the hints given–

(a)Holds records for scoring maximum runs in a text innings.
Ans-Mitali Raj.

(b)First woman footballer to play for English club.
Ans-Aditis Chauhan.

(c)Possesses 33 International medals including 13 golds.

(d)Possesses 31 gold, 23 silver and 7 bronze medals till date.
Ans-Anjali Bhagwat.

(e)Won first international title at the age of eight years.
Ans-Tania Sachdev.

(f)Won a silver medal at Olympics.

(g)Trained by Mahavir.
Ans-The Phogot Sisters.

(h)A supporter of Animal Rights.
Ans-Mary Kom.

(I)Won 41 WTA and 4 ITF titles.
Ans-Sania Mirza.

(j)Inspired by pullella Gopichand's victory. 
Ans-P.V Sindhu.

Fill in the blanks with 'May','might','can','should' or 'must'-

Example- We eat so that we_____live,(purpose)We eat so that we may live.

(a)____you have a long and a happy life ! (Wishes)
(b)She____not put on shabby dresses.(a suggestion)
(c)We____not pollute our environment.(emphatic advice)
(d)It is raining heavily.He____come.(doubtful possibility)
(e)India____beat any team in cricket,(ability)

Ans-(a)May, (b)should, (c)must, (d)might, (e)can.

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