Jharkhand Board Class 8 English Notes A New Religion

Jharkhand Board Class 8 English Notes A New Religion 

Jharkhand Board Class 8 English Notes

Jharkhand Board Class 8 English Notes A New Religion 

Answer the following question—

i.(a)what had caused blockage of the drain?
Ans-Polythene bags and styrofoam cups debris had clogged the rain water drain which caused blockage of the drain.

(b)Why could Sneha not meet Ritu?
Ans-without her bicycle Sneha could not meet Ritu as she had to walk to school with heavy school bags.

(c)Who had asked Preksha to participate in the essay competition?
Ans-Her class teacher had asked preksha to participate in essay competition.

ii.(a)what do performes contain that harm the ozone layer?
Ans-Perfumes contain CFC that harm the ozone layer.

(b)what did Sneha's grandma remind her in the evening?
Ans-After finishing her homework,Sneha had just begun jotting down some points of her essay when her grandma reminded her about evening prayer.

(c)How dose bike manufacture affect the environment?
Ans-Ore for metal will have to be dug.Refining ore gives off CO₂ plus toxic colour will have to be used.Rubber for tyres uses poisonous elements likes sulphur.

iii.(a)What did Grandma remind?
Ans-Grandma reminded Sneha that it was Friday that day and she has to pray and fast.

(b)What will happen if religion could be combined with the protection of environment?
Ans-It religion could be combined with the protection of environment,it will be an ideal discipline.

(c)Why do people fast on particular days?
Ans-Fasting is a self imposed discipline.It help us becoming the better person.So people fast on particular day specially religious day.

iv.(a)Why was Sneha disappointed?
Ans-Sneha was dis appointed because she lost her essay.Some had thrown it away as a wastepaper.

(b)Why did the princepal call Sneha to the dias?
Ans-The principal called Sneha to the dias and declared that she had won the second prize of Rs 1000/- 

(c)Who had submitted Sneha's essay for the competition?
Ans-Prekssha,revealing the suspense,had submited Sneha's essay for the competition.

Jharkhand Board Class 8 English Notes A New Religion 

Answers the following question— 

1.What problem did Sneha face as she walked to her tuition?
Ans-Sneha faced many problem as she walked to her tuition.She thought about the esssay.She had to negotiate many mud puddles and cow pats.Thick black diesel fumes momentarily choked her.

2.Why did Sneha feel that she had no chance of beating Preksha?
Ans-Sneha felt she had no chance of beating Preksha because she might as well write what she like.She was convinced that unless she finished her essay in one setting she would never be able to compete with Preksha. 

3.What was Sneha rules for a new religion?
Ans-Sneha's rules for a new Religion
(a)The sun is our father because he gives us energy.
(b)The earth is our mother because she sustain us.
(c)Tree are our elder brother and sister who give us oxygen,food and shelter.
(d)Animal are our younger brother and sister who also help us.
(e)Thus we must help and protect our family.

4.The whole society was to blame.'What made Sneha feel so?
Ans-Sneha felt that people did not follow rules about preserving environment.Cows were allowed on city roads.Lorry drivers drove smoky vehicles.Industries emitted poisonous gases.Nation used unclear fuels and made toxic garabage for this reasons.The whole society was to blame.

5.Why did Sneha hugher friend with eyes full of tears?
Ans-Sa Preksha revealed the suspense that she submited her essay.Knowing this Sneha hugged her friend,Preksha,tears rolling down her cheeks.

Jharkhand Board Class 8 English Notes A New Religion

Compete the following sentences with words from the text

(a)Everyday was forced to park his or here bike____
(b)Sneha thought fasting was a type of religious____
(c)Diesel fumes____choked her.
(d)Don't use____perfume sprays.
(e)She had won the second prize of Rs_____


Match the following synonyms—

(a)prevent                   (i)surroundings,
(b)tried.                      (ii)check,
(c)environment          (iii)release,
(d)polution.                (iv)sorrow,
(e)emitted.                  (v)contamination,


Choose and write the correct terms from given in bracket—
(global warming,pollution,exhaust fumes,acid rain,recycle,ozone layer,Deforestation,Rain water,Harvesting,CFC's,Endangered animals)

(a)The cutting down of three in a large area____
(b)Animals or planets which may soon not exist because there are a very few alive now____
(c)The gas layer that prevents harmful ultraviolet light of the sun from reaching the earth____
(d)A general increase in the temperature of the earth caused by polluting gases____
(e)Convert waste into reusable material____
(f)Poisonous gases ejected from an engine as waste products____
(g)Rain containing dangerous chemicals because of smoke from cars and factories____
(h)Unwanted,harmful stuff contamination an environment____
(i)Compound of carbon,hydrogen,chlorine and fluorine gases used in refrigerants that are harmful to the ozone layer in the earth's atmosphere____
(j)The accumulation and deposition of rainwater for Rs use on site____

(a)He said that he had got a,toothache.
(b)Manu said that he was very busy then.
(c)She asked him what he wanted.
(d)The man asked if I was coming with him.
(f)The old man ordered to catch the thief.
(g)Leela ordered to have some coffee.
(h)The farmer said that it might rain that evening.
(i)He told that he had walked for one hour.
(j)He wished that god might bless me.

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