Jharkhand Board Class 8 English Notes The Sri Krishna Eating House

Jharkhand Board Class 8 English Notes The Sri Krishna Eating House

Jharkhand Board Class 8 English Notes

Jharkhand Board Class 8 English Notes The Sri Krishna Eating House

Answer the following question—

1.(a)In which restaurant did hari start working?
Ans-Hari started working in the Shri Krishna eating House.

(b)How was the Sri Krishna Eating House different from restaurant in Thus?
Ans-The Shri Krishna eating house was the meanest and shabbiest restaurant.It did not have ever so much as a coloured picture glued to the wall.The ceiling was thick with that trapped the soot and made a kind of furry blanked over one's head.The floor and the wooden tables were all blank too.

(c)Why was Hari's daily wages at the restaurant?
Ans-Hari's daily wages at the restaurant is one rupee a day and meals.

ii.(a)why did Hari like to talk to the old man in the watch shop?
Ans-Hari like to talk to old man in the watch shoop that he felt that the old man fine and impressive man whom he could trust.He thought that ha could help him.

(b)What was the name of the watch shop?
Ans-The name of the watch shop is Ding Dong watch works.

(c)How did the two orphans start working at Jagu's shop?
Ans-When two orphan's parents were killed in a railway accident jagu found them as he was coming to work in the morning.He gave them shelter and food and started working.

Answer the following question—

1.Describe the condition of Sri Krishna Eating House?
Ans-The condition of the restaurant.Sri Krishna eating house was very pathetic.It was the meanest and shabbiest restaurant that Hari had every seen.It did have even so much as coloured picture glud to the wall or perhaps there had been one and had disappeared under the grime and soot with which walls were coated.The ceiling was thick with cow webs that trapped the soot and made a kind of furry blanket over one's head.The floor and the wooden tables were all black since they got an even share of soot from the open stoves.

2.What king of people came to eat at she Sri Krishna Eating House?Why did they come to that particular restaurant?
Ans-The people that came to the restaurant were beggars and coolies.The people came to this particular restaurant as it was the cheapest restaurant anyone can find in Bombay.

3.What kind of work did Hari do at the restaurant?
Ans-Har was hed the pot and knead the dough and rolled out chapattis with the other two boys.

4.Why did the two boys in the kitchen did not speak to Hari?
Ans-The boys cannot speak to Hari as he Did not knew tamil language which the two boys knew.

5.Why did Hari like talking to the old man in the watch shop?
Ans-Hari liked talking to the old man as he found him fine and impressive whom he could trust and who would understand him and try to helo him.

6.What was Hari's mixed feeling when he posted the postcard?
Ans-Hari was both happy to have\get done what he knew he should do and frightened because this meant he could be staying in bombay,not going home.

Select the most appropriate Answer—

'These people seemed to have no fixed working hours'means—
(i)The people worked for unlimited period,(ii)The people had fixed working hours,(iii)The people had to work for short period.

(b)"I have no money to pay for all this food you are giving me.Will you let me work in your kitchen instead?"mean's—
(i)Hari was very proud.
(ii)Hari did not like the food.
(iii)Hari did not want to take anything without paying 

(c)He did not write his address on the letter because.
(i)He did not want to go home.
(ii)He know that he would stay,work and earn.
(iii)He did not want to be caught.

(d)Why was Hari happy and frightened both?
(i)Happy for earning.Frightened for not going home.
(ii)Happy for writing letter,frightened for going home.
(iii)Happy for waiting letter frightened for not having pen.


Fill in the blanks to make the word meaning in the context of the story-
(c)Shab...I eat.

(f)Sing board.

Write the contraction of these words,and use them in sentence of your own—

(a)She will -            She'II go to school today.
(b)I can not -           I can't do this work
(c)He will not -         He willn't do this.
(d)They should not- He should't go there.
(e)We do not-           We don't have pen.
(f)Hari dose not-      Hari doesn't write.
(g)It is not-               It isn't good for health
(h)You did not-        You didn't do your work
(i)I am-                      I'm a boy.   
(j)She had not-         She'dn't done this.

Fill in the blanks with the simple past tense of the verbs given in the bracket— 

Long ago there (a)___(be)a forest full of tree laden with ripe mangoes.But the birds who(b)___(live)there were unhappy.They(c)___(want)to eat grains.One morning,the birds(d)___(see)lots of grains scattered on the ground.They(e)___(sit)down to eat the grains.Suddenly,a bird catcher(f)___(rush)out from the nearby bushes and(g)___(throw)a huge net on the feeding birds.


Complete the following using past perfect tense of the verbs given in the bracket— 

I(a)___(promise)my young brother that I would take him to the National park if he behaved nicely throughout the day.When I reached back in the evening,I was pleasantly surprised to find that my brother(b)___(Complete)his task perfectly.He(c)___(put)his books in the bag.Father told me that he(d)___(help)in his work too.I was impressed.Since he(e)___(keep)his word,I decided to keep my promise too.

(a)had promised,
(b)had Completed,
(c)had put,
(d)had helped,
(e)had kept.

Complete the following story using either past tense or past perfect tense of the verb given in the bracket— 

Hari was a very clever boy who always(a)____(work)hard and(b)____(obey)his elders.One day,when his father(c)____(go)to the field,Hari(d)____(sit)down to play kanchan.Suddenly,he (e)____(smell)smokes.When he(f)____(look)out of the window,he(g)____(see)that there was a fine in his friend's house.His friend's family had(h)____(go)to a marriage ceremony.Hari(I)____(think)fast.He(j)____(remember)that his father (k)____(tell)him about the useful Services such as the police station,fire brigade,hospital etc.He(l)___(remember)the phone number of the fire brigade his elder brother(m)____(teach)him how to use a telephone.Hari quickly(n)____(call)the fire station and(o)____(request)for help The fire engine(p)____(arrive)quickly and put off the fire.Everybody in the village(q)____(praise)Hari.


(c)had gone
(f)had looked
(k)had told
(m)had taught 

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