Jharkhand Board Class 8 English Notes If

Jharkhand Board Class 8 English Notes If

Jharkhand Board Class 8 English Notes If

Jharkhand Board Class 8 English Notes If

Read the following stanza carefully and answers the questions that follow-

1.If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you,If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,But make allowance for their doubting too 

(a)What does the poet say in the first line of the poem?
(b)What does the poet say in the third line of the poem?
(c)Who is the poet of this poem?

(a)The poet says that you should be calm.
(b)The says that you should trust yourself.
(c)Rudyard Kipling.

State whether these statement are 'true 1 or "false 1, according to poem-

(a)You should always be calm.
(b)You may sometime lie nor hate.
(c)Always look your best and speak in a very wise manner.
(d)It's all right to dream but act on reality.
(e)Realize that you will have both good and bad in your life.
(f)Even if someone hurts you badly.get up and start over.
(g)Adopt the ways of people in higher social position.


Jharkhand Board Class 8 English Notes If

Complete the conditional sentence give below-

(Conditional sentence type।)
(a)If you (go)____out with your friends tonight, I (watch)____the football match on TV.
(b)I (earn)____lot of money if (get)____that job.

(a)go,will watch.
(b)Will earn,get 

(Conditional sentence type।।)
(a)If he (try)____harder,he (reach)____his goals.
(b)I (buy)____these shoes if they (fit)____.

(a)tried,would reach.
(b)bought,would fit 

(Conditional sentence type।।।)
(a)If we (listen)____to the radio.we (hear)____the news.
(b)If you (switch)____on the lights,you (fall/not)____over the chair.

(a)had listened,would have heard,
(b)had switched, would have not fallen.

Write a composition on'An Ideal student'in not more than 200 words-
Ans-The student play a very significant and vital role in making a modern and progressive India.Thought the prime duty of student is to study,they have many other social and political activities in our society.An Ideal students must listen to what the teacher say in different subject.He or she must be an ideal symbol of honesty duty and scholarship.He should take active part in different social activities.He should abide by the rules and disciplines of the school.He should love his parents, brother to learn how to protect their society and nation.Thus,an ideal student become the bright citizen of future India.

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