Ncert Solution For Class 8th English Chapter-1

Ncert Solution For Class 8th English Chapter-1 The Naive Friends

Ncert Solution For Class 8th English Chapter-1

Answer the follwing question—

i.(a)where did the birds lay their eggs? 
Ans-The birds laid their eggs just above the cornice in Keshav's house. 

(b)what made Keshav and his sister forget about the joys of milk and jalebi? 
Ans-The pleasure of seeing the flying of two birds made Keshav and his sister forget about the joy of milk and jalebi. 

(c)which thougt left the siblings very anxious? 
Ans-The thougt about the eating and feeling of poor birds that where they get enough grain and thereby starve to death left the siblings very anxious. 

ii.(a)How did Keshav manage to reach the cornice? 
Ans-Keshav brought a stool from the room but it was not high enough. Then he brought a small bathing stool to place under the first and gingerly climbed on the top. Thus he reached the cornice. 

(b)what did Shyama beg of Keshav? 
Ans-Shyama begged of Keshav for helping her to climb up and see the chicks and their eggs on the cornice. 

(c)Why did Shyama keep quiet in front of mother? 
Ans-Shyama kept quiet in front of the mother because she was scared that she will get a beating. She was also quiet out love or because she was party to the crime. 

iii.(a)what made Keshav pale and gloomy? 
Ans-As Shyama reported that the eggs have fallen down and the chicks have flown away. Keshav ran to the cornice and saw that the three eggs lay broken on the floor. Seeing this Keshav went pale and gloomy. 

(b)Why did Shyama feel that Keshav should be punished? 
Ans-Shyama thought that Keshav did not put the eggs back carefully enough so that they had rolled off for this act he should be punished. 

(c)What did Ma mention about bird's eggs? 
Ans-Ma mentioned about the birds egg that birds " eggs should ont be touched because they become tainted. Then the birds do not hatch them any more. 

Answer the follwing question—

1.Which question made Keshav and Shyama curious about the eggs? 
Ans-Numerous questions like how big were the eggs? What colours were they? What did they eat? How did the chicks come out of them? And what is the nest like? Made Keshav and Shyama curious about the eggs. 

2.What three things did the children go to protect eggs? 
Ans-(i)Shyama quiet brought some grain of rice from the clay pot. 
(ii)Keshav secretly emptied the stone bowl of its oil, scrubbed it clean and refilled water, 
(iii)They made a cushion with a piece of cloth and place it under the eggs to make the eggs comfartable. 

3.why did Keshav think of making a cushion for the eggs? 
Ans-Keshav thought of making a cushion for the eggs because the poor eggs are lying on the twigs and straw. 

4.What excuse did Keshav give for not showing the eggs to Shyama? 
Ans-Keshav had the fear that Shyama would fall down and broken her head. So he made an excuse for not showing the eggs to Shyama. 

5.Compare the feeling ok Keshavatthe beginning and end of the story. 
Ans-Keshav was very anxious and curious about the eggs in the begining and placed the eggs in a comfartable position and was very much excited about the eggs when they would hatch. But at the end of the story he looked pale and aloomy as he saw that the eggs have fallen down on the floor and was very sad. As he came to know that he should not touch the eggs. If touched, eggs become tainted and the birds do not hatch. This feeling made him pained. 

State whether the follwing statement are 'true or false'—

(a)A bird had laid eggs just above the ventilator in Keshav's house.(False
(b)Shyama and Keshav were friends.(False)
(c)There were three eggs in the nest.(True) 
(d)It was the month of winter.(True)
(e)Keshav felt pained when the eggs broke.(True)

Answar the follwing question with reference to context-fa) 

(a)"what are you doing out there in the sun? " She asked
(i)who is the speaker? 
Ans-Ma (Keshav and Shyama's mother) is the speaker. 

(ii)Who are the "two" Mentioned here? 
Ans-Keshav and Shyama are the two. 

(iii)The speaker was happy or annoyed with the two at that moment? 
Ans-The speaker was annoyed with the two at the moment. 

(b)You must have filddled with then, "said Ma angrilly. 
(i)Who is 'you' here? 
Ans-Shyama is you here. 

(ii)What is Ma talking about in this line? 
Ans-Mais talking about the broken shells of the eggs 

(iii)Did she get it right? 
Ans-No, she did not get right. 

Find the collective nouns used with the follwing nouns—

[school, pack, pride, litter, brood]

(a)A litter of puppies. 
(b)A pride of lions. 
(c)A school of fish. 
(d)A brood of chicks. 
(e)A pack of wolves. 

Fill in the blanks by choosing worlds from the box to complete the summary. 

[broken, eggs, safer, bird, cornice, children, breaking, wisdom]

This story is about two (a)children who discover eggs
laid by a bird on the (b)cornice of their house
children feel that the (c)eggs unsafe and they
should do something to protect then. Later, they 
found the eggs to be (d)broken The children, in their
Innocence and lack of (e)wisdom feel that they are
helping the (f)bird by transferring the eggs to a 
(g)safer place. But their good intentions only leads 
to the (h)breaking of the eggs. 

Fill in the blanks with the correct word given within brackets—

Example- You       are going there      (tow/too) You two are going there too. 

(a)The      class saw a     on the roof,  
(b)Its not      to      on the wall,  
(c)A      of white cloth stands for        
(d)Every father wants his      to shine like a      
(e)      the vastness of the blue      


Use the follwing worrds in sentences of your won-
(a)Scatter, (b)feed, (c)comfort, (d)accuse, (e)approach.

Ans-(a)He scattered the grain on the floor. 
(b)The mother feeds her baby. 
(c)I feel comfort at home. 
(d)He was accused of stealing pen. 
(e)He approached to me for some help. 

Fill in the blanks with simple past tense form of the verb given in brackets—

(a)The Taj Mahal was      by Shah Jahan. 
(b)Yesterday, I      rice in the afternoon. 
(c)The children      at the acts of the joker. 
(d)The teacher      a poem on the blackboard. 
(e)The Batsman      the ball for a six. 

Ans-(a)built, (b)ate, (c)laughed, (d)wrote, (e)hit.

Change the given sentences from present tense to past tense as shown—

Example-He writes a letter. (Present tense) 
                He wrote a letter. (Past tense) 

(a)They visit Dasham Falls in winter. 
Ans-They visited Dasham Falls in winter

(b)The lady busy a dozen eggs. 
Ans-The lady bought a dozen eggs. 

(c)Ail goes with Rahim to the cinema. 
Ans-Ail went with Rahim to the cinema. 

(d)The dog runs after the cat. 
Ans-The dog ran after the cat.

(e)We drive the bus into the gardge. 
Ans-We drove the bus in the garage. 

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