JAC Board For Class 8 English Chapter 4 King John and the Abbot of Caterbury

JAC Board For Class 8 English Chapter 4 King John and the Abbot of Caterbury 

JAC Board For Class 8th English Chapter-4

Answer the following questions—

1.what had king john heard about the abbot of Canterbury? 
Ans-The king had heard about the abbot of Canterbury that Abbot

2.What were the three questions that King John asked the abbot to answer? 
Ans-The three questions asked by King John are as follows-Firstly you (the Abbot)must tell me within a day just how long I shall live. Secondly, you must tell me how soon I shall ride round the whole world. Lastly, you shall, tell me what I (the King) thinking. 

3.Why did the king ask such foolish questions? 
Ans-The King asked such foolish questions because he was a bad king and he was harsh and cruel to his pepole. He did not care about his subjects. 

4.was the abbot able to answer the questions? Which places did he visit? 
Ans-The abbot was not able to answer the questions. He visited many places like the famous universities of English-the Oxford and Cambridge to find the answer. 

5.Who answered the King's questions? What were the three answers? 
Ans-The Shepherd (in the guise of Abboot) answered the three questions-

(a)You (the King) shall live until the day that you die and you shall die when you take your last breadth. 

(b)You must rise with the Sun and you must ride with the Sun until it rises again the next morning. As soon as you do that you will find that you have ridden round the words. 

(c)You think that I am the Abbot of Canterbury, in fact I am only his poor shepherd. I have come to beg your pardon for him and for me. 

Answer the following questions—

1.Who said to whom? 
(a)How can you help me? 
Ans-The Abbot said to the shepard. 

(b)"You shall live until the day that you die, and not one day longer."
Ans-The shepherd said to the King. 

(c)There is no question of misunderstanding you."
Ans-King John said to the Abbot. 

(d)"I will give you four pieces of silver every week as long as you live!"
Ans-King John said to the shepherd. 

Find suitable adjectives from the text used with these nouns—

(a)       staff.      (b)        gown
(c)        master. (d)         chains. 
(e)         coats.   (f)          men.  

Ans-(a)golden, (b)long, (c)good, (d)gold, (e)velvet, (d)common.

Match the phrases in columa-A with those in column-B to complete the sentences-

Column A                                     Column B
(a)You shall live until the day   (i)a wise man wit? 
(b)But if you fail to answer     (ii)as long as you my three questions live. 
(c)Have you nevery yet heard  (iii)die in your place.that a fool may teach. 
(d)if nothing else can be           (vi)I shall cut  your done I can at least head. 
(e)I will give you four pieces     (v)that you die. Of silver every week. 

Ans-(a)–(v), (b)–(iv), (c)–(i), (d)–(iii), (e)– (ii). 

Write the correct form of the possessive nouns in the blanks—

(a)This is my sister's book. 
(b)The Children's room is upstairs. 
(c)We went to our English teacher's house yesterday. 
(d)Someone stole the bird's eggs. 
(e)All the girl's dresses were wet. 
(f)The men's room was locked. 
(g)Which way is the nurse's room? 

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