Ncert Solution For Class 8 English Chapter-2 kali and The Rat Snake

Ncert Solution For Class 8 English Chapter-2 kali and The Rat Snake

Ncert Solution For Class 8th English Chapter-2

Ncert Solution For Class 8 English Chapter-2 kali and The Rat Snake

Answer the following questions:—

i.(a)How much did the snake cooperative pay for each poisonous snake? 
Ans-The snake co-operative paid Rs.150/- for each poisonous nsnak. 

(b)When had kali joined school? 
Ans-kali had joined the school two months ago. 

(c)what had kali brought for lunch?
Ans-kali had brought termites for lunch. 

ii.(a)Why were the children in the class shouting for help? 
Ans-The children in the class were shouting for help because a rat snake was leaning against the roof. 

(b)Why was sitting on the desk? 
Ans-The teacher was sitting on the desk. 

(c)For whom were the children clapping and cheeting? 
Ans-The children were clapping and cheering for Kali's braveness because he had saved them from the rat snake. 

Answer the follwing question—

1.What did kali's father do for a living? 
Ans-kali's father did snake catching for a living. 

2.Why did kali hate going to school? 
Ans-kali hated going to school because he loved snake catching. 

3.Where did kali sit during break-time and why? 
Ans-kali sat on the wall during break time because he wanted to hide his tiffin. He did not want any one to come near to him and being asked what had brought for tiffing. 

4.How did ther ate snake come einto the classroom? 
Ans-The rat snake came in the classroom as it must  have smelled rats on the roof tiles and come after them but by m istake it had taken the wrong turn and come into the classroom. 

5.What did kali plan to do with the snake? 
Ans-kali wanted to take the snake home and sell in the Vandalur Zoo near Chennai and get a good price for the rat snake. 

Ncert Solution For Class 8 English Chapter-2 kali and The Rat Snake

Complete the following sentences—

(a)On the first day of school, each student had to stand up and tell three thing.......... 

(b)The rat snake was wrapped around a palmyra beam.......... 

(c)kali's father said that something.......... 

(d)The children started quarreling about............ 

(e)Ten children ran off.......... 

Ans-(a)his or her name, the name of the village and what their father did. 

(b)on the roof. 

(c)snake smelled humans and mistook them for rats. 

(d)whom kali would sit next to. 

(e)in ten different direction to find bags. 

State whether the following sentences are 'true or 'false'-

(a)The English teacher threw kali out of the class.(False
(b)kali lived in Kanathoor village.(True
(c)kali was frist afraid to catch the rat snake.(False
(d)The children ran in all directions to bring a rope.(False
(e)Everyone was clapping and cheering for kali.(True

Match these persons with their jobs—

(a)Farmer                      (i)One who sells tea, sugar etc.      
(b)Veterinary doctor     (ii)One who sells sweets, 
(c)Florist                        (iii)One who treats sick animals. 
(d)Grocer                        (iv)One who grows crops in the fields. 
(e)Confectioner              (v)One who sells flowers. 


Look at the following sets of worlds and considering its category, underline the odd word—

(a)India, Nepal, France, New York Pakistan. 
(b)sania Mirza, P.V. Sindhu, Salman Khan, M.S Dhoni, Sachin Tendulakar, 
(c)Tree, Salt, Fruit, Grass, Leaf. 
(d)Duster, Book, Blackboard, Chart, Cat. 
(e)Happy, sad, Angry, Pen, Afraid. 

Ans-(a)India, Nepal, France, New York, Pakistan. 
(b)Sania Mirza, P.V Sindhu, Salman Khan. M.S Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, 
(c)Tree, Salt, Fruit, Grass, Leaf. 
(d)Duster, Book, Angry, Pen, Afraid. 

Fill in the blanks with suitable verbs from given the brackets—

(a)The room            of jaggery. 
(b)Ravi was            to know that he had won the first prize. 
(c)He           the snake in his right hand. 
(d)The children            over each other in the class. 
(e)Sally            when her brother got a scolding. 
(f)Tom and his friend            at each other. 

Ans-(a)smelled (b)surprised (c)gripped (d)tumbled (e)grinned (f)giggled.

Write interrogative sentences on your own using the words given below—

Example—rat snake–Have you seen a rat snake? 
(a)hit, (b)birthday, (c)like, (d)where, (e)school

Ans-(a)Why did you hit him? 
(b)Where is your birthday? 
(c)Do you like reading? 
(d)Where are you going? 
(e)When do you go to school? 

Ncert Solution For Class 8 English Chapter-2 kali and The Rat Snake

Write exclamatory sentences by using the world given below—

Example—save–Please save me! I am stuck, 
(a)great, (b)wow (c)oh, (d)no.
(a)what a great surprises! 
(b)Wow! How beautifull is the scene! 
(c)Oh! I am sick. 
(d)No! This is bad. 

Convert the following exclamation into statements. Do not change the meaning–

Example–How brave you are You are! so brave. 
(a)What a lovely place! 
(b)How nice of you to visit me! 
(c)How angry the teacher was! 
(d)What a cold day it is! 
(e)Such a big wish it was! 

Ans-(a)It is a lovely place. 
(b)ft is very nice to visit me. 
(c)The teacher was very angry. 
(d)It is a very cold day. 
(e)it was a very big wish. 

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