Jharkhand Board Class 8 English chapter-3 Siachen:The place of wild Roses

JAC Board For Class 8 English Chapter-3 Siachen: The place of wild Roses

JAC Board For Class 8th English Chapter-2

Answer the following question—

I.(a)What dose the word's Sinachen really mean? 
Ans-The word Sinachen really means a land with an abundance of roses or the place of wild roses. 

(b)Where is Siachen glacier located? 
Ans-The Siachen glacier located just north east of the point where the "line of control" between India Pakistan ends. 

(c)What is special about the place Sonam? 
Ans-The place Sonam has word's highest helipad on glacier. 

(d)Which military operation was launched by the India army in 1984? 
Ans-The military operation 'Meghdoov was launched by the India Army in 1984.

II.(a)What is the lowest temperature recorded at Siachen so far? 
Ans-The lowest temperature recorded so far at Siachen is minus 45 degree Celsius. 

(b)What dose WCF stand for? 
Ans-WCF stands The Wind Chill Factor. 

(c)Which two liquid do not treeze at Siachen? 
Ans-Two liquids like 'run' and 'kerosene' do not freeze at Siachen. 

(d)What happens when a jawan tries to load his gun at Siachen? 
Ans-When a jawan tries to load his gun the bullets stick to his gloveless hand. If he tries to take them off, the skin will also peel off. 

III.(a)Why do the soldiers need to carry a stove? 
Ans-The soldiers need to carry a stove with them because the stove is used for keeping warm and helping in melting snow for drinking and having a wash. 

(b)What is the leading cause of deaths in Siachen? 
Ans-Avalanche and other environment factor are leading cause of deaths in Siachen. 

(c)How many soldiers have lost their lives in Siachen so far? 
Ans-Over 870 soldiers have lost their lives in Siachen. 

Answer the following question—

1.What does Siachen mean in the Balti language? 
Ans-In Balti language Siachen consists of tow word 'Sia' and 'Chun' Sia refers to the rose family palat found in the region and chun refers to anything found in abundance.

2.Why is the location of Siachen so critical? 
Ans-The location of Siachen is very critical because it falls from a height of 5,753 in above sea level. It is the longest glacier in the Karakoram range. It is located just north east point near line of control. 

3.How is 'normal life virtually impossible'? 
Ans-Normal life in Siachen is virtually impossible because everything freezes solid. Onions need to be cut, eggs become like rocks and can't even be broken. 

4.Why was Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Koppad in the news? 
Ans-Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Koppad was the victim of avalanche hit on 3rd February 2016.He anyhow, survived the massive avalanche on that day. He was found during post distance avalanche rescue operation six days after the disaster. He could not survive for long due to organ failure. 

5.Why should we be thankful to the soldiers deputed at Siachen? 
Ans-We should be thankful to the soldiers deputed at Siachen because they faced many challenges and hardships caused by the climatic conditions and environmental factors. Yet our army men are always ready to serve the nation and make our countrymen safe and secure all the time.

Fill in the blanks–
(a)Siachen is the         glacier in the Karakoram range. 
(b)'Sia' in the          language refers the wild roses found there. 
(c)The 'Line of Control' was formed in the year         
(d)Siachen forms a part of          district in Leh. 
(e)Daily existence is so painful in Siachen that soldiers cannot be sent up again for atleast          years. 

Ans-(a)Longest, (b)Balti, (C)1972, (D)Ladakh, (E)15

Mathc the words with their meanings–
(a)Passes         (i)a mass of ice that moves very 
(b)Expedition   (ii)snowstorm with strong and fast winds. 
(c)Glacier          (iii)a mass of snow that suddenly slides down. 
(d)Avalanches    (iv)a road through the mountain 
(e)Blizzaros        (v)an organized journey with a particular purpose. 

Ans-(a)–(v), (b)–(iv), (c)–(i), (d)–(iii), (e)–(ii) 

Match the worlds with their svnonyms—

(a)combat         (i)Extreme
(b)fatal              (ii)plentiful
(c)severe           (iii)fellow soldier
(d)comrade       (iv)deadly
(e)abundance    (v)battle

Ans-(a)–(v), (b)–(iv), (c)–(i), (d)–(iii), (e)–(ii) 

Underline the qualities that soldiers possess—
brave,   lazy,   hardworking,   loyal,   foolish,   proud,   stronghearted. 
Ans-brave, lazy, hardworking, loyal, foolish, proud, stronghearted. 

Choose the correct relative pronouns to fill in the blanks—

(a)Lila and Sameer           (that/who) got married about a year ago, recently bought a new house. 
(b)The neighbourhood          (that/in which) they have been living is a somewhat dangerous one. 
(c)Their new house            (that/which)they bought quite cheaply, does need some repairs. 
(d)The Sharma family            (who/whom)live next doorto them, have volunteered to lend theirtools. 
(e)Sameer            (whom/whose)company is nearby, will be able to walk to work. 

Ans-(a)who, (b)that, (c)which, (d)who, (e)whose.

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